Some events, tips and thoughts on the language services market.

How to translate fuzzy-repetitions?

The multiplication of media and documents leads us to translate many very similar texts, containing minor changes. Kevrenn is presenting an innovative optimization solution to efficiently translate these fuzzy-repetitions. The goal: Translating less, but better.

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Happy International Translation Day!

The first known translator Did you know that St Jerome is considered to be the patron saint of translators, and that today, September 30th is International Translation Day? Jerome was chosen to represent translators since he was the first to work on translating the...

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Using memoQ with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Looking for the most natural way to produce your translations? Why didn't you say so? When two of our favorite software tools team up to boost efficiency, we can only approve! And we keep clapping ... with both hands. In a free 1-hour webinar, Jim Wardell, an...

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St Nicolas is coming to town. Are you ready?

Tis the season... As an American living in Europe for many years, I've gradually learned about a lot of differences with what I thought everyone did for Christmas. I assumed all our customs came from here. So shouldn't they be the same as ours? Well it turns out that...

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