More than translations… Agile language Solutions

For over 20 years, Kevrenn has been providing innovative language solutions to help companies prepare their products and adapt their services to global markets.

For us, that means providing more than just good translations. We specialize in custom-made solutions for your specific needs.

Our unique approach is powered by four core competencies that fuel the success of your projects:

Content optimization

Before translation, we optimize contents to reduce the volume, detect potential inconsistencies or errors, and check pertinence for the target audience.

Our approach is to translate less, but better, improve quality and make it more efficient.


Any file format

To simplify and speed up your work, we can directly handle all your file formats. No more need to cut and paste from your applications into Word, and back again.

Updates made simple

To quickly and cost-effectively update your contents, we automatically reintegrate unchanged translations from previous projects into the updated versions.

Centralized services

All your languages can be managed through one single contact at Kevrenn. For each project, we centralize documents, references and questions for a harmonized approach and consistent results.

The guarantee of a good investment

At Kevrenn, project costing and scheduling are not just a matter of counting words.


Attentive understanding of your needs

Project optimization and strategy

Rigorous project realization

For each of your projects, we review your needs and goals.

After consulting with your teams (decision-makers, technical writers, marketing staff, engineers, etc.), we advise you on the most appropriate approach for optimal efficiency for all involved.

Kevrenn, custom language solutions and services

Our clients

Kevrenn has been a privileged partner to many corporations and organizations in various sectors and industries.

Discover some of the clients who trust us!


Read here all the latest news from Kevrenn and its clients: events, new partnerships, expert advice, insights on the translation and language services market, and everything in between…

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