Our strength comes from our difference

Kevrenn draws from the experience of its in-house team to offer a wide range of innovative language solutions.

A team of specialists

With over 20 years of experience managing complex multilingual projects, Kevrenn is your strategic partner for adapting all your documents and contents to global markets.

We work closely with your staff to become a virtual extension of your organization. No matter the size and complexity of your project, or the number of languages you require, our team will help you define and implement the right solution to your needs and priorities.

So, if you are looking for a reliable, experienced and committed partner that will stand by your side… You are in the right place!

Adding things up at Kevrenn

years of experience

international customers

regular target languages

solutions provided in 2016

Comprehensive service

Today’s language services require a robust methodology and strong commitments.

A proven methodology

This first essential phase consists in analyzing your objectives and understanding your approach. From here we identify your audience, your requirements, your priorities and your schedule. We also consult with your technical teams to ensure fast and transparent interactions with the tools, platforms and file formats you use. Among the various options available to you, we will suggest the solution that can deliver the results you expect, at the best cost and in the shortest possible time.

Then you simply provide us with your files in their native formats, and all of the references available to you (even PDF!). We will optimize the contents to be translated by proactively identifying the parts to be excluded or adapted, the specificities of each language to be translated, as well as potential points of misunderstanding. To reduce your costs, we will isolate repetitive sections and automatically re-inject previously translated parts. And for optimal consistency, we will convert the reference materials by creating a terminology database and a centralized database of all translations already available.

Your documents are translated, proofread and checked within a single integrated platform. All projects are managed on a private and secure server that ensures the total confidentiality of your data. Our experienced and carefully selected translators work directly on our translation platform, where they receive the tools and material they need to deliver flawless translations in an intuitive environment. After various quality controls, and depending on the nature of your project, the translated material will be formatted, DTPd, compiled or even directly published, for a “ready to use” experience.

Our work doesn’t stop with the delivery of your projects. Once finalized, all translated contents are archived in their final format (InDesign, HTML, RESX, PDF files…), but also in bilingual form and added to the translation memories that we maintain for you. So, even if you no longer have the documents that we have already translated, you will always have the guarantee of the best cost and the shortest time for your future projects. Finally, we will assess your satisfaction to identify how our workflows and solutions can be improved in the future.

Our commitments

  • Attention to your needs: 100%
  • Complete service: 100%
  • Satisfaction: 100%
  • Commitment: 100%

Our clients

Kevrenn is the preferred partner of many international companies and organizations in a wide range of industries.

Here are some of the clients who trust us:

A long experience with dynamic projects

Kevrenn goes beyond simple translation to optimize complex and dynamic projects.


Multilingual projects


Projects with complex format or layout


Software or website localization


Projects updates

6 reasons to choose Kevrenn

A single point of contact

From extracting and localizing your software, app or on-line content, to translating and formatting your documentation and all your marketing materials, we can take care of it all, including managing the project for all of your target languages!

A complete solution

At every stage of your project, Kevrenn provides a strong technical expertise and a rigorous methodology to guarantee the respect of your schedules, the control of your budgets and the quality of your products.

Optimized procedures

In addition to the systematic use of translation memories, we have developed our own unique optimization toolkit aimed at reducing our costs and turnaround times, while ensuring the highest quality of our work.

A team of specialists

Beyond quality translations of your products, we go the extra mile to ensure that all your needs have been addressed. We operate as an extension of your internal resources… your private localization team dedicated to the success of your project.

Transparent workflows

Our engineers and DTP specialists work with the same software as your technical writers, graphic designers and developers, for a seamless integration to your internal workflows and a direct use of your translated contents as part of your strategy and communication.

Full support of your formats

No matter which file format you use (MS Office, InDesign, PDF, HTML, XML, CMS, Flash, FrameMaker, Illustrator, software source files, binary DLLs, and many more!), we will deliver them in their original format, in a perfect shape for immediate use!

Meet our team

Kevrenn is above all a people-oriented company with a flexible and complementary organisation. Our strength lies in the skills of experienced, reactive professionals who are passionate about their job.

Discover the people that make the difference at Kevrenn.

Patricia Guyot

Patricia Guyot

Operations Manager

Jean-Marie Guyot

Jean-Marie Guyot

General Manager

Kerstin Felte

Kerstin Felte

Project Manager and Translator

Sébastien Wisniewski

Sébastien Wisniewski

Project Manager and Translator

Marianne Guyot

Marianne Guyot

Publishing Manager

Pascal Brulé

Pascal Brulé

Localization and Solution Engineer

Backed by a worldwide network of professional partners

Backed by a worldwide network of professional partners

In order to provide you with only the highest quality services, Kevrenn relies on an international network of partners, rigorously selected for their skills and expertise in translation, development, graphic design, quality control, dubbing, and much more!

These strong partnerships enable us to provide the best solution for your projects, in all the languages you need.

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