The first known translator

Did you know that St Jerome is considered to be the patron saint of translators, and that today, September 30th is International Translation Day?

Jerome was chosen to represent translators since he was the first to work on translating the Bible from Hebrew into Latin, towards the end of the 4th Century AD.

International Translation Day was launched by the International Federation of Translators in 1953. Its original goal was to celebrate the worldwide translation community that was becoming increasingly important in the era of globalization.

To celebrate this day, many events and activities are organized to honor translation and promote professional translators.

Among them, we should note the exceptional –but short-lived– promotional offer from Kilgray and the translation community. Kilgray is the publisher of memoQ, the translation environment adopted by Kevrenn, that we have been championing for several years.

As part of today’s Proz Virtual Conference, memoQ Professional Edition 2014 is being sold with a special 40% group discount to Proz members.
You can find more details here:

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One thing is for sure: if St Jerome used memoQ at the time, his translation of the Bible wouldn’t have taken him nearly 15 years!