Key solutions built on skills and experience

We are committed to finding the right solutions for your needs.

An experienced team at your service

Because your projects are complex, they require a multidisciplined approach and variety of skills. We offer “turnkey solutions” that meets your objectives, based on your exact needs.

Whether you are looking to translate a technical manual, a marketing brochure, a multimedia web application, a software application or the online documentation to describe it, Kevrenn is there for you with an experienced team of professionals and tailor-made solutions.

Our expertise

Our language solutions are built around three main areas of expertise:


Specialized translation

Each translation must address its target audience

The quality of your translated materials is essential to ensure the success of your products and services in new markets.

Kevrenn has developed a rigorous translation process because each country and each business sector has its own specificities that must be respected.

The right message for the every circumstance

Our qualified professional translators work exclusively into their native language to ensure that all its subtleties are taken into account. Specialized in specific fields, they draw on knowledge acquired over many years of experience. They use all available translation tools (CAT) and resources to ensure that your text’s meaning is respected, terminology is appropriate, grammar is correct, cultural conventions are respected, etc.

Consistent procedures and efficient tools

For maximum efficiency, all our translations are systematically recorded on our secure server. When updating existing documents or translating similar content, our centralized database reduces translation time and costs and ensures the consistency of terminology between all your projects.

Our fields of expertise

  • Marketing
  • Corporate communication
  • Legal and finances
  • Tourism
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Financial services
  • Medical equipment
  • Web marketing
  • Food industry

Software and web site localization

Adapting content to a specific market

Localization is the process of modifying a product’s presentation and functionalities to adapt it to the uses of the target country. This adaptation, of course, involves translating the texts into the target language, but it also requires modifying certain functionalities.

The term localization generally applies to a “product” rather than to generic text that has been removed from its element. The product can be a software application, a website or a mobile app whose interface needs to be adapted. But it can also be catalogues or brochures whose contents need to be revised to better meet the expectations of local users.

Software localization

More than any other product, software must have an intuitive interface that is immediately understandable to its users.

Kevrenn offers the assurance of worry-free localization. Our engineers use the same tools as your developers, to give you a “true copy” of your source files adapted to the languages of your choice.

Once your product has been localized and recompiled, we test it according to strict procedures defined in agreement with your quality department.

We can also help you develop a test procedure, coordinate the testing and proofreading of your software in several languages.

  • Direct support for your file formats
  • PC, Mac and Web software
  • Mobile apps
  • Extraction and recompilation
  • Functional and linguistic testing
  • Quality control
  • Fast and efficient updates

Website localization

The high availability and flexibility of the internet make the website the preferred platform for instant publication of information.

While companies are aware of the benefits of translating their site, they are often reluctant to take the plunge in the face of the costs and apparent complexity of such a project.

Whether you want to translate a few pages of a commercial website or an entire e-business platform, Kevrenn offers a solid technical solution with a rigorous methodology that preserves the relevance of your message.

From the translation of your web pages, the images and multimedia content, to the complete test before and after they are published online, Kevrenn offers you a turnkey solution.

  • Supporting all formats
  • Coordinating with your web master
  • Delivering ready-to-use materials
  • Controlling pages before and after publishing
  • Fast and cost-effective upgrades

Publishing and multimedia

Presenting your translated contents in any format

The presentation of your translated material is important so that your readers (or viewers) receive the information effectively.

Catalogues, guides, video clips, soundtracks… information is distributed in multiple formats and must be re-formatted after translation.

Desktop publishing

From multi-volume technical manuals to data sheets, from commercial brochures to product packaging … printed documents deliver the first impression and represent a major competitive advantage.

Our multilingual desktop publishing department is able to handle all your layout and image processing needs on PC and Mac platforms and in all graphics and layout applications on the market.

We can deliver your documents in multiple formats, for distribution on different media, and even print them.

  • Source document pre-formatting
  • Full DTP and page layout verification
  • Graphic editing
  • Creating localized screen shots
  • Managing table of contents, index and cross-references
  • Final proofreading of the document
  • Delivering all translated work files, plus a reference printout
  • Online publishing

Multimedia content

Since your products are more interesting with interactive contents, Kevrenn offers complete range of services for translating and adapting the most sophisticated multimedia contents.

From simple animations to interactive online games and Flash presentations, Kevrenn takes charge of all phases of your project.

  • Voice casting
  • Multilingual voice recording
  • Soundtrack production
  • Dubbing
  • Graphic design
  • Animation, captioning and subtitling
  • Audio and video post-production
  • Multimedia programming
  • Support for native media formats

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