Kevrenn just celebrated 16 years of activity.

When we started in 1997, the web was still considered a novelty by many businesses. We launched our original web site in the first few days of activity… but we still had to install a fax line in order to communicate with some of our clients.

Today, the web is only a part of corporate presence online. The advent of social networking has changed the playing field providing so many more ways to share and organize information.

We hope that you’ll find the new format of our web site easier to navigate. This new version is connected to our other platforms in order to better communicate with you. We want to provide easy access to our information, when you need it and where you like it.

Let’s take advantage of these new communication channels to work more efficiently together and boost our international ventures. Please take look and let us know what you think. Or just click on any of the links below and share us with your friends and colleagues. Follow Kevrenn on LinkedIn or Like us on Facebook to keep in touch with our news.

Of course, we haven’t intentionally left out our French and German readers. Those  versions will be online soon.