Looking for the most natural way to produce your translations? Why didn’t you say so?

When two of our favorite software tools team up to boost efficiency, we can only approve! And we keep clapping … with both hands.

In a free 1-hour webinar, Jim Wardell, an experienced translator and memoQ user will show you how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with memoQ to achieve hands-free translations.

You may already know that memoQ is the translation environment adapted and championned by Kevrenn for many years.And Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the world #1 solution for speech-recognition.But, did you know that Kevrenn has been involved in bringing these two fantastic tools to the rest of the world?

We are indeed very proud that Kilgray has entrusted Kevrenn with the localization of the memoQ user interface and online resources into French. And, for many years, our team has also been working closely with Nuance Communications to translate Dragon NaturallySpeaking marketing campaigns into five European languages.

So, translators, warm up your voice… Dragon NaturallySpeaking is ready to listen!